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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Max Power - Accelerate (Electro Mix #2)


A c c e l e r a t e by Max Power 
 (downloadable as usual!)

First of all, I'd just like to say I'm really happy with this mix. So listen up when you wanna get pumped or whatever. It goes well with exercise or running or video games :P

I noticed after I had recorded the mix, my recorder didn't record in as much high fidelity as it usually does, so there's a little bit of static at certain higher frequencies, but it's barely noticeable, and I feel it kinda adds to the sound anyways to give it a more raw/live feel. 

ALSO, for those who wanted to see my setup, click the Facebook button right under the title of my blog, and you'll see a picture of me DJing, which shows off my Hercules RMX and laptop :P Although I'll hopefully soon be upgrading my midi controller to something with better sound quality, sexier design and more knobs and buttons. The 'artwork' for this mix is actually an altered picture from the house party dancefloor as I was DJing in my facebook picture. (the more you knowwww!)

Also feel free to become a facebook fan of mine! I only have 34 facebook fans, yet Justin Bieber has over 25 million? That doesn't seem right.

All comments and feedback appreciated! New mix will be made sometime after 50 followers :)


  1. Knobs and buttons, yo. I love a good twiddle.

    Nice start - kind of girly which is always a good thing to start with. Get them chikitas up on the 'floor and it will be full in no time.
    Plus, who doesn't enjoy watching girls dancing? Even the gaybos adore it.
    Dunno if they might all sit down at the second selection though. :I
    It's good and all, but something one might play after everyone's hooked. Same with the third. Could work well later (I'm just imagining being at a club/party where you're playing this out - obviously).

    It's all very hard and heavy which I have to admit doesn't suit my mood just now and is not for everyone.
    With the right people and atmosphere this stuff would go down a treat.

    ...wait.. as I type that, shift to sparkly cut up disco happy pumpin tings. (14m)

    Every once in a while Joey Beltram comes to mind.

    I love the shift around 20m. I kind of feel you should have started at 14m and possibly after this tune have done 0m - 14m) Get me?

    Heh I love the bit at about 24m30s where it goes all dreamy for a bit.... then back into the boomb00m!

    I'm liking the slow down in pace towards the end. It would work well in a club mix if you were to ramp back up from there. Dancers, no matter how frantic and drugged up, appreciate a moment to chill before the next wave of madness.
    What is that tune called? It's real purdy.

  2. i really like this, what are some more songs by this artist that are good?

  3. Absolutely awesome, I love the power it has without being too much. Instant Dload!

  4. Sweet man, love it! Downloads = win btw, keep it like that.

  5. Definitely pumps you up, I like how it sounds. It was a long listen, but it was pretty worth it too.

  6. love it. it's really nice to hear this while i work.

  7. this is fantastic will download so hurry followers we need 50

  8. yeah Pyr0n, if I had put the song that starts at before the song where the girl is singing, i think it would have had a better intro, then the rest would have followed nicely, the stuff from 0-14, I think

  9. BUUT also, I suppose this is more made for vidya gaemz or running or some shit. I make this one to get bitches dancin

  10. Nice mix, I'm liking the intense rush I'm getting :D

  11. loving the first song. and at around 20 minutes the beat is really hard i like it!