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Friday, April 8, 2011

Is Max Power the new Dr. Dre?

Before everyone gets all up in my grill, I'll have a new electro mix up soonish, but in the meantime:

A year ago, I made a few beats and put them online. This rapper named Dawhud asked if I could send him one of my beats for an upcoming album he was putting out, which fuses Hip-Hop with Dub Reggae.

His album is coming out April 20th, called 'Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption".

I have the full version of the album and it's definitely a really good underground Hip-Hop album when relaxing in the summer heat.

Here's the song I made the beat for:

Dawhud - The Basics (produced by MAX POWER)

My next Electro mix will be out soonish, when I get some free time from writing papers. Also if you're interested in the whole album, get in contact with me :D


  1. Loving the funky beat! Sick mix!

  2. There is no question that MAX POWER is probably the NEW EVERYTHING.

    Nice work my man.

    Nice work.

  3. awesome beat man! keep up the good work

  4. this is great tune thanks for this

  5. That's really awesome, congrats! The song came out great.

  6. Great work! I love the blog style!