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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I get 15 followers I'll post up my new mix :P

But in the meantime, get your girl (or boy) in the mood with this classic. It's sweet, black man, passionate, love makin' music.


  1. you'll get 15 followers quickly believe me!

  2. Looking forward to it.. almost there!

  3. NURRRRRLY there! 14!

    That be some smoochy smoochin' muzak right there.
    You should check my blog post today for a response to it from Minnie Ripperton! Haha that's pretty funny (& a cool coincidence). These old honey voiced soul types knew how to get to bizniss. *wink*nudge* if you get me. Like doing 'the business'

    In the sack I mean. I mean sex.

  4. AWW MAN! The fade out cuts off just at the very end. LAME AND MOOD RUINING.

    So EVERYONE!!!! who reads this watch for like 12 seconds to go and do a manual fade yourselves, but don't take your eye off your lady there (could be tricky) and do it pretty slow (also tricky). Keep giving her that come'n'smooch-baby look. Keep doing that, yeah, while you fade it out. And then get it owwwwwwn.

  5. very wise words pry0n, i don't think i could have said that any better myself