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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mainstream = More Views? (Electro-House 10 minute mix)

Here's some nicely blended popular Electro-House tracks that could be played at a party.

After relistening to it a couple times, I've realized certain parts are a little bit too chaotic for some peoples tastes, but I've received pretty good positive feedback on so far, so I ain't worried.

Give it a listen! Tell me what you actually think. I've got thick skin, come at me!

PS. As a side note, this ISN'T the mix I'll be making at 15 followers. So if mainstream isn't your cup of tea, there will be more lesser known stuff. If it is, tell me and I'll make another mainstream one sometimes (or at least throw some better known jams in occasionally). :)


  1. K. I have to go out and get some gin and beer, but I'll come back and listen but then I will have to play video games or I'll probably get all blubby and emotional.
    But I'll be fine for at least ten minutes of your Eeeee LEK tro POP mewwwwzzik-ik-ik-ik (that's in a robot voice if you didn't realise).

  2. I like the lesser known stuff, but I like most anything electronic...

  3. Track 1) I like that it's about alcoholism although drink driving is bad never do it k? The mix (the tune itself) is all in my face. Not very subtle.

    Transition 1 (2m30s - ish) Perfect in terms of what you're doing. Didn't realise is was a new song.

    Track 2) Music is a bit silly for my tastes. I can see why the kids would be into it though.
    Full FUCKING ON! This would be suitable for one hellova rave where everyone had to be drug-checked to insure they HAVE drugs inside of them!

    I may have missed a transition there which as you know is a compliment to your mad mixin skillz.

    6m40s now. I'm digging this tune. Woah it's gone a bit bleepy in my ears and up my nose unrelenting and now it's doing the pitch thing and now it's coming back and.
    Cool when it gets rhythmic. It's kind of full on music alright.

    8m24s Transition - perfect. That mix really worked.
    I like that you are keeping your levels steady - one tune isn't hopping out louder. Good work. That's a skill in itself.

    This track is pretty cool, however you have taken the energy from BLASTING MOTHAFUCKIN SHIT IN YO FACE to something diggable and grooving.
    It's all done very smoothly but if you were rockin da club you would have to bring it back up to a higher level than the initial tunes.

    That's probably too much infoes and a butt load more rambling but I was just writing as the mix flowed.

    Ideally - if I was to listen to another version of that mix I'd want it almost in reverse order. Building to a peak (slot the first track second maybe) and then off to bawnkerzville.

    What do you use to mix?

  4. yeah i agree with the change around in what tunes go where. honestly, i don't have that much experience with these songs, nor have i listened to them more than I have too.

    but yeah, I was really thinking about the fact that the tunes need rearranging

    but honestly, thanks for all the positivity, ill post later on my setup and some pictures.

    i use traktor pro to mix

  5. hahahah great post like always
    you bro never failed to amaze me

    Check out mine and let me know what you think!
    I look forward to your contribution

  6. Sounded like you know the tunes inside out just from how you mixed and which parts of them you selected.

    Yep show us your set-up and describe your 'process' too (unless others aren't as interested in that kind of thing. If that is the case or if you think it is just hit me up - SPAM ME I love it! - on my page. )

    Figure out what Dilla tune you're thinking of?
    Wasn't Intelligent Hoodlums instead by any chance?

    Also - sorry but you have that word verification thing. : /

  7. going to listen at home, thanks for posting

  8. hahah amaz<ing
    I came back for more!

  9. NICE MIX. Ahah I'm usually picky about this stuff, but I love this!

  10. great mix! I'm gonna try this traktor program out.

  11. hey lookin forward to hearin that mix, followed.

  12. at least youve got 18 followers now!