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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mean Streets Mix - MAX POWER

Mean Streets Mix 05-11-2011 (DUBSTEP) by Max Power (DJ)

I posted this a few days ago. Unfortunately SOMEHOW it got deleted. So I'm reposting it. Here's the tracklist. The first like, 6 minutes is a medley of the first 3 songs, if you listen to them they just wont be the same as they were in this mix :P

Swagga - datsik- excision
Ignition- Downlink
Still Tippin - ID and Baobinga
Get Down Lay Down - ajapai
Kick Snare - crissy criss + youngman
ice cream - borgore
Malicious Thoughts - bar9
Power Glove (Torque Remix) - sluggy + kirkus
I Can't Stop + flux pavilion
Featuring MNDSNG - jonwayne

take it easy :) Also over the summer, I'm super happy to announce I'll be having probably about 3 gigs in Ottawa. Lets hope I get more soon :D


  1. Bad. ASS. Thanks for letting us download it too. This is iPod-worthy!

  2. lol pretty nice. kinda hardcore

  3. NO issues with this one at all, wouldn't change a thing. Looooove how you used Ice Cream, it pretty much sounded better than the original imo. Effing nice, I will download this!

  4. I commented yesterday on how awesome this was and how muchly I loved it.

    I'm also pretty sure they're trying to restore the lost posts, so it might just return.

    And congrats on the gigs :D

  5. I pretty much "like" dubstep like this, but I'll need to wait until I'm "under the influence" and then I'll love this. Need to check back then

  6. K. Tomorrow my man.
    For now I got the 'Burial' on. sweeeet.
    Remind me again to check back and ADVISE ME BROTHER!

  7. K. I checked back - but again I am chilling out late night vibe.
    I will be back tomorrow afternoon or early evening to pump this shit.

  8. Back for real, in semi-rave mode.
    Sub-woof-woof cranked let's rock this.

    Yes I got mah swaggah back. The whole room is woombabooombubbawubbad00000M!
    Pretty dark stuff. I do like when dubstep tunes throw in normal-time four-to-the-floor.
    11.30 - is some sexy dirty filth right there.
    Lovely mixing with 'Kick Snare '

    Next transition was a bit much - slightly overpowering. Seriously loud tune. Wow. *wonders at borgore(?)'s compression technique*
    This is so getting my neighbour back for the incessant drilling a few hours ago.

    Ya - next tune drops off a bit. That 'icecream' is some heavy fuckin' shit. Just can't be beat.
    (I think I am correct on tracklist, no? - nah it's just not in freaking order, you bollox).

    I like the introduction of sung vocals. A lot of dubstep seems to be an onslaught of wubbawub - sounds like a night club for Transformers, so it's great to hear a softer human element over the top. Melody should never be underestimated for its euphoric powers. (And the ladies respond very well to it).
    Will definitely check more flux pavilion - this be nice.

    Rounded off with some slo-jam technowubbliness - very nice.

    My usual criticism again - the order, in my opinion, be wrong way round for the most part. Last tune would be a nice intro into melodic stuffs with vocals (get the girlies up) - then harder and harder until mmmaybe the tune I mistook for 'icecream(?) - 16.30) or some other ceiling buster to top it all off.

    Regardless, I wish I was anywhere close to Ottowa, I would definitely fanboy up those gigs.

    Peace man. Keep up the fukkn mazin work.

  9. hell ya dude 3 gigs show them whats up! I love the picture and name of this mix