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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Max Power - Regurgitation [DUBSTEP MINIMIX/ FREE DL]

Max Power - Regurgitation [DUBSTEP MINIMIX/ FREE DL] by Max Power (DJ)

I made a really dope dubstep minimix. It's free, and fucking awesome! download it and impress your friends! send your friends a link to the mix, show them how underground you are by listening to new DJs! hahah

Reviews appreciated!


  1. That was pretty tight. Near the end though, it kinda faded funny and didn't all go super smooth, but aside from that it's an awesome listen.

  2. That mix is pretty sick! I like it. That pick is pretty sick...as in gross.


    Nice post

  3. I am totally underground-cool.
    My ex is 'not' a hipster. But she hasn't even heard of Skrillex and she's ten years younger than me.
    I am so down with the kids.

    Yeah so this is nice already. The real reason I came by was to say Zombie put me in a blog award thing. And of course I put you because you are my bro, bro.
    I didn't put your full link though - hope you don't mind.

    I didn't really dig the middle couple of tracks.
    Why is it that I prefer trancey dubstep with the female vocals when I detest most 'modern' trance? At least the more clubby stuff - otherwise I also like the seriously reggae-dub influenced dubstep. In between is just nasty in a bad way (for me).

    Urge to go raving (Monday morning wtf?)

    Yep yep - good mix overall. How easy/difficult do you find mixin da dubstep btw?

  4. nice tracks - I love all the modern dubstep...takes me back to the early 90's