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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Norse Code mix 001: (Max Power + Wyrd the Cat)

Here's a one hour, live-recorded  mix me and a friend made a few nights ago. He goes by the name Wyrd the Cat and he's electro-breaks DJ who moved to Canada a few years ago. So with my dance music, and his electro-breaks, we decided to collaborate. As we both have Scandinavian heritage, we've named our DJ duo 'Norse Code'. 

 This is our first mix, and it goes pretty hard. You're doing yourself a disservice in life by not sticking this into your mp3 player (there's a download button on the right hand side).


  1. So, wow, I didn't expect to download that, particularly because in order for me to want such a long track it really has to be great, not just ok. So congratulations guys, that was great, I can't wait to hear more from Norse Code!

  2. wow great mix...great vibe all the way through